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Our aim is to make your aircraft ownership experience a very special one. We are here to make sure that your aircraft ownership will offer you the benefits you are looking for. Flying with your own aircraft should be fun, convenient, comfortable and productive!

Every person is unique and so are his needs. We thoroughly study each owner's needs and we customize our aircraft management program to satisfy your exact requirements to make every one of your trips a unique travel experience! Every detail is designed around you. Every trip is customized to match your personal choices in every aspect whether this is ground transport, airport services, in-flight services, special catering request or schedule changes. It is not just about the ownership of a Business Jet, it is about a new lifestyle. Executive Jet travel is the solution to experience more of what matters most in life by simply saving time!

Flying has always been regarded as freedom “The Freedom of Flight” and owning your own aircraft should give you just that – Freedom, the Freedom to plan your own schedule, to decide when and where you want to fly, the Freedom to fly directly to your destination, the Freedom to travel in privacy and to be at the right place the right time!

Please feel free to contact our Team to discuss your aircraft management solution. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the aircraft options that will best suit your needs, supervise the acquisition process and manage the day to day operation with a tailored aircraft management program.

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