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Aircraft Management Program

Air Executive Ltd. Specializes in the management of executive aircraft. Our aim is to relieve the aircraft owners of all complex operational, technical and legal issues relating to aircraft operation. You just simply tell us when and where you wish to fly and we will take care of the rest. As regards the quality of our service, come and talk to our customers, they will tell you about it.

Through our aviation expertise and support we offer a complete aircraft management service as a one source solutions provider for all your needs. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy a safe flight with the best in-flight service from your own crew.

Enjoy the freedom of owning and flying with your own jet and let us handle all the responsibility.

Our Aircraft Management Program provides our customers the following services:

Aircraft acquisition

  • Analysis of your specific requirements to identify which aircraft type will suit your needs best either new or second hand.
  • Management of the acquisition, acceptance, registration and delivery processes of your aircraft.

Cost savings consultancy

  • Advice on the best aircraft import process at the country of base to achieve the best solutions to save on VAT and other duties.
  • Choice of aircraft registration to obtain maximum operational and financial benefits based on your operational requirements.
  • Use of Fleet concept on maintenance and insurance costs offering substantial cost savings


  • Yearly budgetary plan tailored to your specific needs
  • Cost control and book keeping
  • Fixed monthly aircraft management fee
  • Monthly invoice for all variable costs

Operational support

  • Flight planning and flight documentation preparation
  • ATC flight plan filling
  • Landing and over-fly permits
  • Ground handling and fuel arrangements
  • Airport slots
  • Use of VIP lounges/ terminals
  • Credit arrangements
  • Global capabilities
  • On board catering
  • Hotel reservations and transportation arrangements
  • Visa support letters

Maintenance planning, control and supervision

  • Maintenance planning using advanced software
  • Maintenance work supervision and control
  • Spare parts ordering and stock keeping
  • Records and paperwork management
  • Invoice screening

Crew management

  • Selection and hiring of qualified crew
  • License, medicals and validations supervision
  • Crew initial/recurrent training arrangements and supervision
  • Crew travel arrangements

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